Hinton Publishing

Hinton Publishing is a publishing house which gives authors back control when it comes to getting their books published. 2022 will see the official launch of Hinton Publishing, with the first book being published in April 2022. 

Hinton Publishing is the publishing House that is aiming to change the game for many authors. It's often that a book gets taken from the author and changed in so many ways to the point where sometimes the author can recognise their own work, here at Hinton Publishing we work with the author to publish the book that they have created, throughout the whole process giving the author the final sign off at all stages from the editing and format stages to the cover design. Keeping it authentically theirs. 

Books Published


From A Broken Mind

Rick Cowley

The honest, open and raw insight into severe depression. Rick Cowley's 'From a Broken Mind' is an eyeopening & truthful experience in to depression.

In this book Rick tells us how depression sunk him to the lowest moments of his life, his battle for survival & his recovery.

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