Hinton Magazine

Hinton Magazine is a globally read digital magazine that focuses on producing quality fashion, health & lifestyle content.

Originally launched on November 4th 2017 as 'Hinton Online', the magazine was created to focus on men's fashion, health and lifestyle. It was 9 months later the magazine saw the biggest developments. August 2018 'Hinton Online' became 'Hinton Magazine' and female focused fashion, health and lifestyle articles were introduced. Since then the digital magazine has continued to develop to include high quality food & Drink, Skincare & Beauty and mental health articles amongst other topics. 

In 2020 the first ever Hinton Magazine Awards were held. Due to be held in London, UK in August 2020 the magazine had to change to virtual awards which took place in December 2020 due to the outbreak of the global pandemic that was Covid-19. The inaugural awards saw the Hinton Magazine announced 10 award categories. The awards returned in 2021 but despite huge efforts it remained virtual and awarded 15 awards. The awards took place in September 2021.


Although a digital magazine, each month Hinton Magazine releases a digital cover to keep with the tradition on a monthly cover star. With the first cover being released in November 2019 fronted by world-renowned bespoke suit designer Joshua Kane, the magazine saw a 2 month break during April & May 2020 (due to the pandemic). Since the first release, Hinton Magazine has seen a number of Brands, Musicians, TV stars and authors front the monthly cover. The cover is partnered with a full length interview which is the main focus at Hinton Magazine throughout the whole month of release.